For New Readers of Cybernid

Freshly Pressed!

WordPress recently featured my article  “What/Who is Anonymous?” on Freshly Pressed and I have received an influx of new followers who have been unbelievably supportive and intelligent. The comments they wrote were thought-provoking, insightful and very kind. It was an honor to have my article chosen and it was humbling to have so many great bloggers/people/writers take the time to offer their input and appreciation. If you are new to following or reading Cybernid, check out the “About the Blog” page for a brief description of the blog as well as my loose Comment Policy. Also, if you have interest in who I am, check out the “About Rebecca” page.

Because so many smart and articulate people have taken the time to comment, I would be interested in any suggestions you have regarding topics about which you would like me to write. To give you an idea of the topics about which I am considering writing, here is a short list:

  • Hive minds on the Internet
  • Socioeconomic inequality on the Internet
  • The StarCraft 2 community
  • Corporate hive minds
  • Identity on the Internet

If you would be interested in reading about any of these, I would love to know. Also, conversely, if there is anything on the list that you find repugnant, I would also like to know. Most importantly, if there is anything else about which you would like to read, let me know in any way  you feel comfortable (Twitter, email or comments). If you do suggest a topic and I write about it, I will prominently credit you in the post and link to your blog or website. I will also be announcing the topics of upcoming articles on Twitter, so if you have a opinions or information regarding the topics and I include them, I will credit and quote you (if you are comfortable with that).

Thank you for making blogging such a positive experience.


17 thoughts on “For New Readers of Cybernid

  1. Dear Rebecca,

    I recently knew about your blog derived from being freshly published.
    I left a comment on your post “Who’s anonymous” and I kindly received a very educated and structured response from you. Thanks for that. I notice you also visit my Spanish blog, and I appreciate you for that (you can leave a comment in English if you wish), I choose to do it in this language because very few people is “talking” to the Spanish speaking people. The main purpose of my blog is to provide “food for thought” for a society living in a consciousness crisis. I’m also a writer (already one book published) and like to write about personal change and inner reengineering.

    You kindly ask about the type of topics we would like to read, here is my suggestion and derived from your supportive post to Anonymous: current society is living in a dormant stage, government and other authorities are leveraging on people’s ignorance and lack of consciousness. Arbitrary actions are widely taken among society and nobody seems to notice it. I’m sure you know where to look at for information, in the meantime I recommend you to visit my other blog (English): I wish you the best and thanks for having the time to make a difference.

    • It was my pleasure to visit your blog! It definitely gives me a great reason to get better at Spanish. I think it is wonderful that you are so aware of your audience and how little there is directed to people who speak Spanish as their primary language. Congratulations on having a book published! You are inspirational.

      I have copied your great suggestion into a word document and will definitely write about it in the future. I will make sure to link to both your Spanish blog and your English blog. I think your observation is very correct. Hopefully people will wake up! It seems like your blogs have a lot of potential to make that happen.

  2. Hello Rebecca, congratulations and thank you for all of the traffic you sent to eccentric! Comments on eccentric were busy, that was exciting!
    I was wondering, are your topics limited to just the internet? If they are, I would love to read about identity on the internet. If they are not, any real world problems would be great too, or anything you are passionate about, would be interesting.

    Your writing is honestly some of the best I have seen on Not telling lies, it truly is well written. Have not seen such grammar, spelling, active voice, etc. skills like yours on any other blog. In order for me to write my posts as precise as yours, I would literally have to edit them about 40 times prior to posting.

    You have a natural gift. Not kissing behind here either, I rarely give out such compliments, only to you and two other bloggers.


    • Hi Liz! I am so glad you a bunch of traffic at eccentric. That must have been fun! It was my pleasure to be able to do something positive for you after you have done so much for me. You deserve all the good things that come your way.

      I am limiting my topics to the Internet and things that relate to it. I will definitely put “identity on the Internet” on my shortlist of things to write about.

      Thank you so much; that is one of the highest compliments I have ever received. It does take me a long time to get my posts out (approximately 10 hours for each one) plus some editing updates after the fact.

      You have such integrity that I would never doubt the sincerity of your words 🙂

    • This is a hard challenge. I would really like to do it and I will see if I can after I finish a post that is taking way too long to write. Hopefully I will make the deadline! Thank you for telling me about it. 🙂

    • Hey Liz!

      I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the Earth! I ended up take an impromptu vacation from writing after scrapping an article and getting overwhelmed by grad school applications and a new job opportunity. Things are better and I should be posting something tomorrow or the day after.

      I am so sorry that I worried you! I had no idea so much time has passed. I will be hopping over to your blog shortly. Thank you for getting me back to reality and for making sure I was okay 🙂

      • Oh good, yes I was wondering, “is she in the hospital?”

        Thank you for the update, you sure did drop off the earth for a long time, ha ha, glad things have settled down now, look forward to some new articles (hint hint).


          • Lol! I wrote something on the “deep Web” recently (I swear!) Hopefully I will have another thing ready to post tomorrow to make up for the absence of articles and avoid The Widget of Shame :p

            Your comment really did make me laugh out loud 🙂

          • Hey, I actually put one of the side for Brandy (a beautiful mess) on my blogroll, countdown widget on their know, I know she didn’t believe I would actually do it, it’s there. Glad she is not a person that gets offended easily. 🙂

          • Haha. So there is! I was wondering if it was a countdown to a big announcement she would be making, but now I see you are motivating her! I don’t think anyone could ignore that sort of reminder. 🙂

          • No, it was an actual writing assignment….that is in the Leaders vs. Followers comments…Brandy is one tough cookie not to get offended at such things. 🙂 She is a pretty cool blogger. Brandy/abeautifulmess.

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