Don’t Let Google Boss Your Research Efforts – A Friendly Reminder

Static_Animal and I somehow stumbled into the same area of research! He wrote a great article about search engine bias and it relates to my most recent article about the deep Web. He also posted a great comment responding to a reader that explains what “private browsing” actually is:

“Private browsing or “incognito” mode is a user instigated browsing option that will still utilize your existing cache but will not add any new search terms that you generate while in this mode. This is sometimes referred to as “porn mode”. People will turn on the private browsing so that mom or dad or partner wont find an incriminating auto complete when they search for that perfect por-ridge recipe or formatting guide for their por-tfolio. Like wise employed for personal health inquiries etc. The general cache is basically all of the safe search terms that most of us are too lazy to erase from the computer and most people never think about period hence the reminder to do some housekeeping.”


Do you have a favourite search engine that you depend on to return those must have research resources?  If you are like the rest of the planet this favourite search engine happens to be Google.  Nothing wrong with Google (actually there is) but if you conduct research on a regular basis it is good to remember that a lot of search engines utilize personal data caches stored on your computer.  Many search engines employ search algorithms which result in a faster return of data sources that the search engine deems most useful and pleasing to you.  Sound Great?  Maybe if you are looking for a new way to add some ‘zazz’ to that potato casserole that your family keeps telling you is wonderful but ends up in the dog bowl more often than not, but if you are making a sincere effort at objective research you really need to remove…

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